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Meet Denise

The Believer's
Wealth Coach

My name is Denise Long—I am the owner and founder of Kingdom Wealth Domination.

I started in the same mindset you may be stuck in currently; confused, scared, lost, and overwhelmed.

I grew up with modest means in Tennessee and watched both of my parents struggle with money management skills over the years. With no role models to lean on, I ended up joining the army at 17 and struggled financially for over half of my military career.

I wanted more for myself, I just didn’t know how to get there.

Like so many of us, I began to pick up some tools and tricks over the years but still found it hard to implement the hard lessons into my everyday life.


However, the one constant that remained was my devotion to God. I know now that I overcame my financial hardship by trusting the process and having faith in the greater days ahead. This is how I found my calling to help others reach the same financial freedom.

Denise Long
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