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My Why

Mature Businesswoman

My Philosphy

My philosophy is simple—Save smarter, not harder.

Oftentimes, our competitive world over complicates the idea of money management when in reality, the principles are simple. Rather than focusing on making more money, my philosophy is to identify your toxic spending habits and learn how to handle the money you have currently, better. This not only helps us grow our wealth, but cutting out unnecessary or habitual spending actually brings us closer to God.

I truly believe that I was put here on this earth to help guide believers away from the poverty cycle and help them budget for the life they want to live. I’m here to encourage, empower and inspire those to obtain kingdom wealth as I have.



In my opinion, the best way to take a leap of faith away from financial bondage is to learn in a place that makes you feel at home. That is why I hold both my one-on-one coaching and community-based workshops in churches and places of worship.

My program centers around shifting poverty mindsets and setting up a foundation of budgeting that seamlessly works into your day-to-day life. When you sign up with Kingdom Wealth Domination, you will gain access to a personalized and customizable based teaching style that only has your benefit in mind.

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