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Learn how biblical principles can show you how to master money and help you create financial freedom! 

Your mindset about money many times is formed in childhood and carries over into adulthood. The thoughts that make up your mindset about money determine how you obtain, manage and grow it.Initially, a poverty mindset is most often not the fault of the person who has the mindset.


Several things can influence a person’s thinking pattern that will be addressed in this book:

-Racial Inequality


-Family Dynamics



-Environmental Factors

-And many more


The Bible outlines some kingdom principles that when applied could eliminate or significantly decrease a person’s lack of financial stability.It is these principles that I will reveal to you.


So are you ready to learn how you can apply these money mastering principles?


Then grab your copy today and start building your wealth, God's way! 


Bulk book order option available!

“Breaking The Black Community’s Poverty Mindset”

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